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We mix our deodorizer directly into the cleaning shampoo, so it gets right down into the carpet fibers. Helps make the home healthier because it kills germs at hospital grade level, eliminates mold & mildew, kills dust mites and eliminates dust mite feces. It also helps with animal odors and animal dander. Is truly hospital grade and kills many common viruses.

Great for households with children of all ages and any type of pets. Helps keep carpet smelling fresh throughout the year!

Facts About Pet Urine on Carpet

  • Urine is acidic, but once dry, leaves a salt alkaline residue.
  • Urine is detected more in the humid months due to moisture getting trapped in the salt crystals of the urine and emanating in ammonia-like odor.
  • Some urine stains are not noticed until after the carpet is cleaned.
  • A general rule is if over 20% of the carpet has been saturated, it is too costly to try to clean / deodorize and should simply be replaced.
  • Female dogs and cats have higher levels of nitrogen in their urine, which attacks the dyes in¬†carpet leaving a lighter-colored area which can only be corrected by dying the carpet.
  • Females will usually urinate in areas of high traffic away from walls.
  • Male animals tend to mark vertical territories, such as walls and furniture.
  • Urine on vertical surfaces can spread to baseboards, moldings, and other flooring material.

Call for our Carpet & Furniture Cleaning Specials! Our Shampoo is alcohol based and our Deodorizer eliminates odors and kills many viruses.


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